Sheriff Tim Ingram assumed office November 1, 2008, and is serving his third term as Sheriff of Titus County, Texas.   The Sheriff is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the law in a fair and impartial manner to prevent and deter crime.  Operation of the Sheriff's Office and Jail is a difficult and complex task.  The Sheriff is continually identifying and implementing methods of enforcing laws and housing criminal offenders in order to make efficient use of the Sheriff's Office Budget.  It is the Sheriff's hope that this website will better the citizens understanding of his responsibilities which affects all of our lives.  The Sheriff's mission includes providing citizens with the knowledge and ability to keep from being a victim of crime, a secure yet cost efficient detention facility and to be a model law enforcement agency by soliciting cooperation from all law abiding citizens to make Titus County a safe place for all that live here.  

Chief Deputy John Livingston started at the Titus County Sheriff's Office in 1999 under the Administration of Arvel Shepard.  John Livingston was promoted to Chief Deputy by Sheriff Tim Ingram where he now assists Sheriff Tim Ingram in Supervising all the Divisions of the Sheriff's Office.